Screw-type wiring 1

TE Connectivity 5749180-1CONNFLY Elec DS1093-01-PN60 Single row row 1*20P 2.54 Single row row 30P 2.54MM53261-0771
Single row row 40P 2.0MM20525-030E-01Connector 1.5MM 5P473882001 CONN SIM CARD HINGED TYPE R/A87437-0843 CONN HEADER 8POS 1.5MM VERT SMD
PJ-102B CONN PWR JACK 2.5X5.5MM SOLDERS70-332002045R SMT PCB PAD CIRC 3.2X0.20MMS8B-PHDSS(LF)(SN) CONN HEADER PHD SIDE 8POS 2MMIC SOCKET PLCC32FPC connector 0.5MM 10P flip down 0.5mm 10p connector.
Recumbent connector HP2.0-8P lying spacing 2 8p90 degree foot angle connector spacing 2 4P HP2.0-4P connectorConnector lay HP1.25-7P spacing 1.25 7p90 degree bending connector HP2.0-8P spacing 2 8p connectorU.FL-R-SMT-1(10)
Board to board connector 3710F 60P 0.8MM5177984-66605814-6Double root 2 p a two-headed dupont line 2.54 MM wear 2 p plastic shell 30 cm longSingle root 1 p a two-headed dupont line 2.54 MM wear 1 p plastic shell 30 cm long
Dupont line 40 p 20 cm double head dozen dupont terminal not shell mother to mother a line 40 root 2.54 mm40 p color dupont line 30 cm long and head toward the 2.54 MM tieline bread plate line40 p color dupont line 30 cm long male head to female head universal board connecting the bread plate line 2.54 MM10 cm length 40 p dupont line and turn toward male head and head Color line 2.54 MM bread line10 cm length 40 p dupont line of male to female male head turned her head Color ribbon cable 2.54 MM
40 p color dupont line 10 cm long female to female head color line connecting line 2.54 MM mother to mother40 p dupont line length 21 cm 12 strands wire color ribbon cable female to female head 2.0 mm to 2.0 mmBread plate line test suite MB - 102 + + dupont line power supply module electronic DIY bread plate development boardDouble 40 p dupont line 1 p - 1 p 30 cm total length of 2.54 MM color ribbon cable Mother on mother's head2.54 MM 40 p dupont line toward the male first 20 cm 21 cm bread plate test line 40 root row
2.54 MM double 40 p dupont line 1 p 20 cm 21 cm plastic shell color ribbon cable Mother on mother's headMale, the female 40 p dupont line revolution of female head dress rehearsal bread line about 20 cm 21 cm long, 2.54 MM3-6318491-6Single row 1.27MM 1*10PDouble row seat1.27MM 2*20P
Connector 2.0MM 5PINConnector 2.0MM 4PINConnector 2.0MM 6PINDM1AA-SF-PEJOPB625
SCDAAA0604SCHA4B0415FH26W-39S-0.3SHW(60)35362-0650Single row socket 2.54 40PIN
IC socket PLCC68IC socket 28PINIC socket 20PINIC socket 18PINIC socket 16PIN
IC socket 8PINIC socket DIP40475531001FH26W-31S-0.3SHW(60)09221326921
353620450Connector 1.5MM 5P whiteZX62-AB-5PA(11)35362-0450PJ-324M 5 feet 3.5 headphone socket with threaded nut
PCB terminal HT396R 8P with a curved needle seatPCB terminal HT396R 6P with a curved needle seatPCB terminal HT396R 2P with a curved needle seatPCB terminal 2510KF 8 pinJumper Cap / Short circuit block 2.54MM
Needle Spacing 2.54MM 4P white20pcs KF950-9.5mm 5P Copper straight needle20pcs KF950-9.5mm 4P Copper straight needle20pcs KF950-9.5mm 3P Copper straight needle20pcs KF950-9.5mm 2P Copper straight needle
20pcs KF635-6.35mm 3P straight needle20pcs KF128-7.5mm 3P Copper straight needle20pcs KF128-7.5mm 2P Copper straight needle20pcs KF128-7.5mm 3P Ironstraight needle20pcs KF128-7.5mm 2P Iron straight needle
20pcs KF126-5.0mm 3P curved needle20pcs KF126-5.0mm 2P curved needle20pcs KF635-6.35mm 3P curved needle20pcs KF635-6.35mm 2P curved needle20pcs KF635-6.35mm 2P straight needle
20pcs KF127-5.0mm 2P Copper straight needle5pcs KF137T-15mm 6P straight needle5pcs KF137T-15mm 3P straight needle5pcs KF137T-15mm 2P straight needle10pcs KF135T-10.16mm 3P Copper box
10pcs KF135T-10.16mm 2P Copper box20pcs KF128-5.0mm 8P Iron straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 8P Copper straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 7P Iron straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 3P Copper straight needle
20pcs KF128-5.0mm 3P Iron straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 2P Iron straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 2P Copper straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 12P Iron straight needle20pcs KF128-5.0mm 10P Ironstraight needle
20pcs KF126-5.0mm 3P straight needle20pcs KF126-5.0mm 2P straight needle20pcs KF124-3.81mm 8P Can be spliced20pcs KF124-3.81mm 7P Can be spliced20pcs KF124-3.81mm 6P Can be spliced
20pcs KF124-3.81mm 5P Can be spliced20pcs KF124-3.81mm 4P Can be spliced20pcs KF124-3.81mm 3P Can be spliced20pcs KF124-3.81mm 2P Can be spliced20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 8P straight needle
20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 7P straight needle20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 6P straight needle20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 5P straight needle20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 4P straight needle20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 3P straight needle
20pcs KF120-2.54/DG308-2.54mm 2P straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 8P Iron straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 8P Copper straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 5P Copper straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 5P Iron straight needle
20pcs KF103-5.0mm 3P Iron straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 3P Copper straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 2P Iron straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 2P Copper straight needle20pcs KF103-5.0mm 10P Iron straight needle
20pcs KF103-5.0mm 10P Copper straight needle
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